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How can Adam help you today?

Find a plan

If you have no cover right now, together with our Adam we can help you find the best plan for your family. We deal with all open schemes, and plans start at R250pm. FREE

Change your plan

Do you have cover but are not sure if it is the right one? Or do you want to change cover? Together with Adam our team can recommend best options based on your needs. FREE

Find Gap cover

The right gap cover can save you thousands in premiums and unexpected costs. Tell us what plan you are on, and Adam will help us match you with a great gap cover. FREE

Manage cover

Between Adam and the rest of our team, we can manage all the admin for you, and make sure you are getting your claims paid out at correct rate. FREE

Late Joiner

If you are paying a Late Joiner Penalty, let us calculate it to make sure you are not overpaying. Together with Adam we have saved people thousands already. FREE


Together with Adam, we can help your employees save thousands by optimising their plans, monitoring their claim payouts and negotiating best deals. FREE

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