We are putting together a kick-ass team of developers to take our new startup to a position of world domination. Well, actually, just the world of insurance brokers, but the domination part definitely applies.

Before you apply, please read this to find out more about AskAdam’s work culture.

Please note that our dev team is remote. We will subsidise membership in a co-working space in your town, if you wish. Please be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of remote work before you apply.

We aren’t prescriptive in our requirements, and we are not in the mood to list a bunch of bullets with jargon empty of any meaning. But there are some things you should know, so the bullets do follow:

  • We are new, but well funded.
  • We are a remote work company. You have to be ok with that, even if you do end up working in one of our permanent offices or co-working space.
  • You need to be an excellent communicator. This means both in the way you express yourself (logic) and the style of you’re writing (see what we did there? Don’t do it).
  • Your experience will dictate your salary. We are happy to look at entry level applications, all the way to the CTO. Top packages are R1.2m+. There are perks, but probably no ping pong tables.
  • We are looking for back-end, front-end and full-stack developers.
  • We are big on: speed of development, proactivity, security of data, scalibility, algorithms, data structures, complex architecture of web applications, pizza-sized teams, readable and efficient code, understanding of trade-offs in efficiencies.
  • You need to be flexible and a quick learner.
  • You’ll be working for a female CEO, with limited tech experience (when compared to you). She only hires people who know way more in their field than she does.

Our application process starts with this questionnaire.

No recruiters, please