You will work with frontend developers and product owner to design and deliver a cohesive experience across print, web and mobile applications, at all times maintaining a customer centric approach to the design. Working together with the product owner, you will be responsible for the style book that will set the tone of the brand and of the product.

You need to show exceptional skill in simplifying complex information, and prioritize clarity, order and intuitive design both in the web app and printed material.

You will motivate your research methods, and outsource skills as necessary. You will be in charge of driving and reporting on the user testing phase.

We are not prescriptive about skills – we leave it up to you to convince us that you can deliver on the job spec. But you do need a broad range, as well as the willingness to roll up your sleeves and adapt as the startup culture requires. We ask for at least 5 years experience in the UX/UI design process of web apps, and will be looking closely at your portfolio as proof of your abilities.

Other than that we will let your CV and your network speak for you.

If you feel confident that this job should be yours, please send us your CV to If we agree, we will offer you a highly competitive package with incentives, that will pave the way for a long, lucrative working relationship with us.

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