Access to top quality healthcare is vital. That much is obvious, and I don’t need to spend any time convincing you of this. Equally obvious should be the fact that top quality healthcare cannot be funded from out-of-pocket. You need to insure yourself against huge bills by being a member of a medical aid scheme.

But, the truth is that healthcare cover needs to be optimised to your needs and your risk, and no medical aid plan does this in full.

Hence, there are lots (and lots) of other healthcare cover products. The one you probably are familiar is gap insurance, but there are also:

  • cash plans,
  • dread disease cover,
  • device insurance,
  • disability insurance
  • and many more.

And on top of all of that, even if you are covered with a good plan and supplementary products, have you considered how you are going to pay for all this when you retire? Because when you retire you:

  • will need healthcare cover more than ever,
  • you will need to be on a top plan
  • you will not have your current income to pay for it all.

So how are you going to pay for 20+ years of top health cover if you are living on retirement funds? helps you plan for all of this by optimising your current needs vs wants, and by preparing you financially for healthcare cover in retirement.

I can hear you muttering under your breath. You are saying that all of this is good, but you can barely afford your healthcare costs now. How are you expected to now also pay for all these extra products that you presumably need?

The answer is a good one: you probably don’t have to spend an extra cent. In fact, AskAdam could save you money while increasing your cover. AskAdam optimizes healthcare cover for you, and part of what that means is that he figures out where you can save money, and direct it elsewhere. That’s where his cleverness comes in: by being able to analyze the hundreds of products in the market, he can find the right combination that addresses your needs, balances your risk, and that is affordable to you.

The best part is that the AskAdam service does not cost you a cent. Because all the brokerage fees are already built into the products (and are paid by you whether or not you have a broker), none of this is going to cost you a cent extra. But it will save you tons.

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