AskAdam is your digital broker for healthcare.

That means that he:

  • keeps track of all your healthcare needs
  • makes sure that you are on the optimal medical aid plan
  • makes sure all your claims are paid correctly
  • takes care of all your pesky healthcare admin
  • keeps track of all your healthcover spend, including out-of-pocket, and optimises this
  • proactively helps you save money on healthcare
  • helps you ensure you will have cover when you retire
  • makes sure you are covered for unexpected events like disability

Adam is always on your side.

He makes sure you don’t pay unnecessary late joiner fees, that no unnecessary waiting periods are applied to you, that you get cover for PMBs when you need to and that there is always a friendly person on the phone to explain complicated funding issues to you.

Best of all, AskAdam does not cost you a cent!